Martinu Trio

Trio Martinů was formed at Prague Conservatory in 1990 and originally known as the “Academia Trio”. Its current membership has remained unchanged since 1993. From the beginning of its work uder the auspices of Prague´s Academy of Perforning Arts, a stage during which the ensemble developed under the guidance of Professor Antonín Kohout (member of the Smetana Quartet), the trio embarked on a trajectory paved with success and awards. These have included semifinal standing in the international competition at Trapani, Italy, third price in the international contest of chamber ensembles at Heerlen, The Netherlands in 1992, and most notably, victory in the same competition three years later, in 1995.

Trio Martinů has taken part in several series of master classes: at Villecroze, France, conducted by Prague Trio (199ě and 1994), and at the Orlando Festival in Kerkade, The Netherlands, under Sandor Devich and Menahem Pressler, a member of the Beaux Arts Trio (1995 and 1997). From 1996 the ensemble studied for two years at the Vienna Hochschule für Musik under Professor Michael Schnitzler, a member of Haydn Trio.

In recent years Trio Martinů has been one of the most sought-after European musical ensembles. Their long-standing musical collaboration and professional relationship ensure only the highest quality of performance, whether in live concerts or recordings, and their interpretation of original pieces is always outstanding. Trio Martinů has an extensive repertoire and is therefore able to provide its audiences worldwide with a true and vital listening experience.

The sphere of musical activities of the individual members has never been limited to performing and recording together with the ensemble. Each of them being an exceptional solo artist, they are frequently invited to collaborate with other notable musical personalities of the world classical music. Audiences in Japan, United States of America, South America, most of the Europe and Africa have been able to enjoy and appreciate their talent. They also performed at major international festivals and venues, such as Prague Spring Festival, Mitte Europa, Schleswig-Holstein, Sion-Valais, Ohrid Summer.

The Trio’s last tour to Japan culminated in the prestigious Musashino Hall in Tokyo and met with great success. Thanks to its previous performances, the Martinu Trio receives requests to perform at major venues in the Netherlands (de Doelen in Rotterdam, Vredenburg in Utrecht), France (Théâtre Châtelet in Paris), Germany, Spain, Switzerland as well as in other countries.

The ensemble has performed Beethoven’s Triple Concerto numerous times with various orchestras, including the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under Libor Pešek, the Prague Symphony Orchestra under Jean-Claude Casadesus, and recently also with the Prague Symphony Orchestra (December 2012) under a Chinese conductor Muhai Tang.

In 1995 the ensemble received the annual Award of the Czech Chamber Music Society (CCMS) of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and now they were invited by the Society to perform one of their concerts in Prague´s Rudolfinum in November 2014.

Representation: Spain/Portugal