Quinteto Astor Piazzolla

The Quintet was the highest expression of maestro Piazzolla’s ideas, accompanying him during the most outstanding moments of his groundbreaking international career.

The first Quintet ensemble was formed during the 60s, causing a sensation among the young public with its provocative and sometimes melodic sound. In 1978, a second era began for the Quintet, marked by Piazzolla’s evolution towards a more elaborate and intellectual musical style.

After the composer’s death, the Astor Piazzolla Foundation was formed with the objective of bringing his legacy to the public. Laura Escalada Piazzolla decided to create a new ensemble with five virtuoso soloists capable of interpreting the vast body of work left by the composer who revolutionized Tango.

The current Astor Piazzolla Quintet has toured the world for more than 20 years. It has been acclaimed by the international press as the only musical ensemble with the ability to represent the unique and inimitable style of the great Astor Piazzolla.

Representation: Spain