German Brass is both: tradition and progress. But above all the ensemble has for years been a synonym for brass music at its highest level. A pioneer among the German brass ensembles, GERMAN BRASS has co-initiated the brass movement from its beginnings in 1974 and has influenced it decisively ever since.

German Brass has succeeded in creating “diversity in unity”, i.e. to work the miracle of producing a unique, unmistakable collective sound with ten individualists and renowned soloists from outstanding first-class German orchestras. As an ensemble they play transparent chamber music but  at the same time with symphonic magnificence and dynamics that only brass intrumentalists can produce.

The repertoire of German Brass includes all stylistic directions  from Scheidt to Shostakovich and from Dixieland to Bossa Nova. It contains unabashedly classical and “timeless”, serious and entertaining elements. In their concerts the ensemble nurtures and surmounts the division in two kinds of musical styles with professionality and fun: the programs contain arrangements of classicals works as well as adaptations and compositions of musical evergreens which have mostly been arranged and composed specially for German Brass and pay tribute to the typical sound and the technical brilliance of the ensemble. Listening to one of the concerts of German Brass, presented by Klaus Wallendorf of the ensemble with inimitably witty and entertaining comments, as well as to one of the numerousy recordings on CD is quite an experience.

Representation: Spain/Portugal